June 2014

The KLBA is  off to the printer!  We plan to have the KLBA and protocols available for purchase by the end of July.  Staff from SL3 are also scheduled to present at the American Speech Hearing Association National Schools Convention in Pittsburgh this July. If you plan on coming, please come say hi. We will be at a Poster Session Saturday afternoon.

May 2014

Preliminary analysis indicates moderate-high correlation between the CELF-5 Screener and the KLBA.

Secondary analysis also indicates that the KBLA is valid at measuring growth over time, with a small standard deviation.

SL3 and Eastern Illinois University have partnered with 6 schools in St. Charles, Illinois, and an International School in Linz, Austria to expand our normative sample for the 2014-2015 school year. If your school would also like to partner, please contact us.

March 2014

The KLBA is currently in a preliminary validation study with Dr. Angela Anthony at Eastern Illinois University. 114 students from a linguistically and socioeconomically diverse public school in Skokie, IL were assessed with both the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals-Fifth Edition screening tool and with the Kindergarten Language Benchmark Assessment to establish concurrent validity.